Homemade Science Gifts

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but it is possible to make a fun, creative gift at low cost. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Learn about the properties of baking soda with these lovely homemade bath bombs from Red Ted Art. You could experiment with different scents or change the scent to fit the recipient.

Make your own crayons like The Imagination Tree.

Package up a notebook, pen and magnifying glass to make a fun explorer kit.

Explorer Kit

How about some LEGO soap to cheer up a bathroom, can you get some of the LEGO to float?

How to make lego soap

Make some gummi LEGO jellies for little LEGO fans, these are great for learning about changes of state.

You could make some lovely birdfeeders for a nature lover.


Learn about melting with this delicious looking three layer peppermint bark from The Mad House.

For younger children you could make a Christmas play dough kit, try adding Christmas scents like cinnamon and mint to make it extra special.

How about a lava lamp kit to add a bit of fizzy fun to the celebrations? ( an adult should always look after and handle the alka seltzer )

lava lamp kit

A Science at home kit is another lovely idea. You could add some experiment printables or even a copy of our Christmas Science eBook for inspiration.

Science at home kit samplepage

A make your own snow kit would be a fun idea, just put some fun characters ( we used these Clanger figures ) and cornflour into a bag with instructions for the recipient.


You could make a Christmas house building kit containing biscuits, a tube of icing sugar and some sweets.


Or, a build your own snowman kit, containing everything you need to build an Olaf.

How about a mini science kit containing 6 fun experiments?

The best science kit

Can you think of any more ideas?

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Make your own Christmas Science Kits


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