Hot Chocolate Science

This winter warming experiment is super easy and a great addition to your hot chocolate making experience. We tested different temperatures of hot chocolate to investigate whether the marshmallows melted faster if the hot chocolate was warmer, but there are lots variations you could try with the same ingredients.

Hot Chocolate Science

What you’ll need

Hot chocolate powder

Milk or Water








There are lots of different ways you could set this investigation up, so do what you think will work best for the children you’re working with.

Thinking Scientifically

For the activity to be a fair test only one variable should change and everything else stay the same. For this investigation we are changing the temperature of the hot chocolate so the amount of milk, type of cup,  amount of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows should stay the same for each test condition.

Measure the same amount of milk into three identical cups.

Heat one in a microwave for 1 minute, one for 40 seconds and one for 20 seconds ( or whatever time you think will work best considering the age of the children and power of microwave )

Add the same amount of hot chocolate powder to each and give it a good stir.

Place the same number/weight of marshmallows into each cup, be gentle so they don’t drop below the surface.

Make observations of each cup at 30 second intervals.

Record your data.

Hot chocolate science

Questions to ask

How do the marshmallows change as they melt?

Do you think the marshmallows will be warm?

Why do you think the marshmallows melt faster in a warmer drink?

Do you think the marshmallows would melt faster if you pushed them below the surface?

Extension Ideas

Creative Family Fun investigated how the hot chocolate powder dissolved in different temperatures of water.

You could also make chocolate spoons and investigate how long they take to melt in cold, warm and hot milk.

What do you think would happen if you used bigger marshmallows.

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