How to make a lemon sink?

Did you know lemons float on water? Do you know how to make  a lemon sink?

Make a lemon sink

We tried pushing one down to make it sink, but it just popped back up again.

how to make a lemon float

What about if we chop it into smaller pieces?

I expected these small bits to sink, as without its waterproof skin water can get into the lemon pulp and add to its weight, but our segments still floated.

how to make a lemon float

We then removed the skin and found the bits of lemon sank? Why do you think this is?

  how to make a lemon float


If you look at the inside of the lemon skin you can see it is very thick and porous, this means it contains lots of air which makes it float.

How to make a lemon sink

Which other fruits do you think would float and which would sink?

Can you predict which fruits will sink and which float and test them?

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