How old is a tree?

We are very lucky and live near a nature reserve, full of lovely trees.


My 6 year old asked me last week how long trees live? I didn’t really know how to answer. Do they have a lifespan? Does their growth stop or slow down at a certain age? Does it depend on the type?

How old is a tree

Although I couldn’t answer that question, I could tell him how to work out how old a fallen tree was.

How old is a tree

We found a tree which has been cut down and looked at the rings inside. To find out the age of the tree you count the rings.

Every year the tree grows a new layer of wood below the bark which makes the trunk grow wider. The rings vary in size, depending on the growth that has occurred. Tree growth is affected by availability of nutrients, water and other factors.

What do you think happened to this one?

How old is a tree


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