How strong is a candy cane?

We’ve got quite a few candy canes leftover from Christmas so devised a little experiment to see how strong they are. Like many of our activities this is great for starting to think about experimental design. We discussed which variables to keep constant and how to make it a fair test.

What you need

Candy canes

Materials to strengthen your candy canes, such as plaster, bandage, sellotape

Decorations of different weights.

Candy cane Method

Choose several Christmas decorations of different weights, hang each onto the end of a candy cane for a fixed amount of time. We tried each for 30 seconds.

Can you find a decoration heavy enough to break the candy cane? If so, try strengthening another cane with different materials, do any make it strong enough to hold the heaviest decoration?



 Things to keep constant

Length of wrapping used to add strength

Time with decoration hanging

Place on candy cane held

Decorations for each candy cane


Weight of decoration

Can you think of anything we’ve missed?

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