How to make a reusable volcano

We love making volcanoes especially our snow volcano, but as we’ve not had much snow recently I’ve had to start making them again. This method is quite quick and inexpensive and means you can reuse the volcano a few times.

How to make a volcano

Homemade volcano

What you need:



Brown, red, green and yellow paint

Art roc or mod roc



Small plastic bottle

Baking Soda


Red food colouring

Cling Film.



Place your bottle or container on a sheet of cardboard and roll and sellotape newspaper around it in a volcano shape.

Cover with mod roc or art roc and leave to dry.

homemade volcano

Once dry, it should be very hard. Paint and leave to dry again.

Cover with cling film and you’re ready to go.

Follow these instructions to make your volcano erupt.

Volcano erupt

When you’re finished, just remove the clingfilm, leave to dry and start again.


More volcano ideas

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Or if you don’t want to make your own volcano, this plastic model from Learning Resources is a fantastic alternative.


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make a volcano

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