How to put a skewer through a balloon?

Do you know how to put a skewer through a balloon ? It’s surprisingly easy.



First we tried using vaseline rubbed on the skewer and the balloon, but although we could get the skewer in, the balloon always popped on the way out. So I turned to the internet for some help and found this video on Steve Spangler.

We tried again using washing up liquid and it worked!

You need to pierce the balloon through the bottom and top where the rubber is thickest, push the skewer slowly but firmly.

How impressive is this?

Top Tip

Poke the skewer through the part of the balloon where the balloon material is under the least strain, this is generally the two ends.

How does it work?

When the point of the skewer is pierced through the ends of the balloon, the skewer should pass through the inflated balloon without popping it, as this is where the balloon is under least strain and so strongest.

Balloons are made up from long chains of molecules called polymers, which are elastic enough to allow the balloon to stretch.


Where would you pierce the balloon is you wanted it to pop?

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how to put a skewer through a balloon


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