How to remove the shell from an egg

Do you know how to remove the shell from an egg? It’s super simple and a great fun science experiment for kids of all ages.

How to remove the shell from an egg

egg with no shell






Place a raw egg in a jar and completely cover with vinegar.

Leave for about 3 days.

Carefully rinse the egg, rubbing gently until all the shell is gone. If it won’t rub off easily place in vinegar for another few hours.

Top Tip

You can speed the process up by rinsing and changing the vinegar every 3 hours.


Why does this happen?

The acid reacts with calcium carbonate in the shell and dissolves it, leaving just the membrane behind.

You should also see the egg swell up, because some of the liquid seeps inside it via osmosis.

Extension Tasks

Can you bounce your egg?

Use your egg with no shell to learn about osmosis. The egg membrane is semi permeable allowing water to pass through it.

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