Ice Experiments

We’re in the middle of a heatwave in the UK, so we’ve got some fun ice experiments to keep you cool to share today.

First up is this easy LEGO ice excavation. How could you speed up the melting of the ice?

LEGO Ice excavation

Do you know what happens when you put salt onto ice? Find out with these easy investigations.

why does salt melt ice

Discover one of the reasons the Titanic hit an iceberg by making your own.

Titanic Science - Make an iceberg

The Artful Parent has a beautiful melting ice, salt and watercolour experiment.

Make some pretty ice decorations, is it cold enough for them to freeze overnight?

Try some ice painting.

ice painting

We love these frozen Elsa hands from Happy Hooligans.

Did you know you can make hot ice?

The illusion of hot ice, Science Sparks

Hot Ice!

Test out your hockey skills with this mini ice hockey rink.

Can you think of any more idea?

Easy ice experiments

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