Incy Wincy Spider Science Experiments

Continuing with our Nursery Rhyme theme this week, I’ve got some fun Incy Wincy Spider science experiments to share.

Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout,

Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out,

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,

So Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again.

First up is this investigation into which material sticks Incy best to a pipe.

Which is strongest?

We tested blu tack, plasticine and a glu dot to see which helped Incy Wincy stick to the top of our pipe most sucessfully. You can set this up very simply for young children or for older children encourage them to think about correct experimental design and procedure.

Incy Wincy Spider


Half pipes, or you could make a ramp.

Something to lean your pipes on.

Plastic spiders – all the same size.

Materials to test – blu tack, glu dot, plasticine, sellotape etc

A bucket or hosepipe



Incy Wincy spider Science

Things to think about

We designed our experiment to measure how much water each spider needed poured behind them to be flushed down the pipe.

To do this we kept the following variables constant:

Length of pipe

Gradient of pipe

Amount of water poured each time

Size of spider

Amount of fixing materials


Material used to fix the spider at the top of the pipe


Fix your spider to the top of a pipe using one of your test materials.

Fill a bucket with water and pour just behind the spider.

Record how much water is needed to flush the spider down the pipe.

Repeat for each material.

Or, you could place a hosepipe behind your spider and record the time taken for the spider to become loose.


We found the glu dot was most effective at keeping the spider in place at the top of the pipe.

Incy wincy spider science


Other Incy Wincy Spider Science Ideas

Scratch Art Web

Make a colourful web scratch art picture. Simply use coloured crayons to colour a piece of card, crayon over the top of the colours with black crayon and scratch a web. Try using black paint instead of crayon to see if that works better.

scratch art

How waterproof is it?

Make umbrellas for Incy Wincy using different materials to see which is the most waterproof. We sprayed the umbrellas with water to see which kept Incy the most dry.

incy wincy

Spider Gloop

Add your spiders to a tray of cornflour goo, try squeezing it, can you make a solid ball? For younger children try counting them, making pairs or sorting into different colours.

spider goo

Mores ideas coming soon.

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Incy Wincy Spider Science


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