Introducing Materials

Today we are looking at how we know objects are made from different materials. I gave my children this pile of toys and asked what they thought the toys were made from.



We decided the toys were plastic, metal, fabric and wood, and separated them accordingly.



We then discussed how we came to those decisions. Please note these are observations made by a 5 year old.





Made a ringing noise when banged together

Felt a little cold ( I explained that metals conduct heat )



Brightly coloured.



Wood coloured


Sometimes had lines on from the tree.



Nice to hold



Other ideas

You could try getting a child to cover their eyes, then pass them an object and get them to guess what it is made out of?

We will come back to this topic in more details in the near future.

Posts about properties of materials

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  1. Pinkoddy

    Whatca great idea. Did you discuss each type and then get them to put them in groups? I think I may do this but get them to put them in groups before and after and see how much difference it makes.

    Visiting from red ted art.

  2. Veronica

    I’m very excited that i have found your blog. I love doing experiments with my preschooler. You have so many neat ideas that I can’t wait to try. Really nice blog!

    1. ScienceSparks

      Thank you. I often wonder if I am doing things that are too simple. but like you say its the simple things that get overlooked! xx

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