Investigating Fingerprints

Have you ever looked at your own fingerprints? Do you think they would be similar or different to other people in your family? All you need for this easy fingerprint experiment is an ink pad and paper.

fingerprint experiment

What you need

  • A washable ink pad
  • White paper or card


  • Ask each person to press their finger carefully on the ink pad, from the last joint to the end of the finger.
  • Remember to note whose print it is.
  • Compare the fingerprints. What can you see?

Can you see lines, creases and circles? Do any family members have similar fingerprints?

Can you make  chart of eye and hair colour for people in your family? Are they the same or different?

Some characteristics so run in families, but isn’t it amazing to think that we are all unique.

What are fingerprints?

Fingerprints are tiny ridges  and patterns on the tip of the finger.

Fingerprints are a form of biometrics, a science that uses physical characteristics to identify people.

What shapes can you see in your fingerprints?


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