Jumping Hearts – Static Electricity Investigation

This simple activity is a great way to demonstrate static electricity and very easy to adapt to different themes. We’ve put a little Valentine twist on it today, but have previously made jumping frogs and jumping ghosts in the same way.

Static elecricity



Paper, cut into shapes. Tissue paper works well, but you could try any type of paper you wanted.

Woolly jumper or hair


Cut up your different types of paper into heart shapes ( or anything else you want to make jump )

Blow up your balloon, and rub it on your jumper or hair. Hold above the hearts, and watch them jump up.

Why it works?

Rubbing the balloon on your jumper or hair, charges it with static electricity, this attracts the hearts making them jump up to the balloon. They will stick until the charge wears off.

Static electricity

Extension Activity

Does it still work if you use normal paper and cardboard?

Can you time how long the hearts stay stuck for?

If you rub the balloon on your hair for longer do the hearts stick for longer?

Do smaller hearts stick for longer than bigger ones?

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Jumping hearts, static electricity investigation

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