Key Stage 1 Science

If you can’t find an activity fitting around a topic you’re looking for, do let us know and we’ll try and come up with something new!

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Grow a bean in a jar

Find out why plants need water

Make some plant babies

Set up a plant shop

Grow a cress caterpillar

Find out why leaves change colour in Autumn

Everyday Materials

Distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made.

Identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock.

Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials.

Is wood waterproof?

Make a magnet maze

Compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties.

Sort a group of toys

Ideas for learning about materials and their properties

Working Scientifically

Coconut bowling – try bowling with coconuts, testing lots of different variables as you go along.


The Solar System

Fun ideas for learning about The Solar System

Solar system activity ideas Other Ideas

20 ideas for learning about forces

25 engineering projects


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