LEGO Ice Excavation

Ice excavations are great fun for children of all ages. Younger children can pour warm water over the top or use a pipette and watch the ice melt, while older children can use syringes to measure how much water is needed to melt the ice or just use the scale to practice number recognition. It’s also a great exercise for learning about volume and capacity.

LEGO Ice excavation


Large tub or Lego storage container lid

Small pieces of LEGO





Containers of different sizes.

( Our zig zag pipette and purple container are from Learning Resources )


LEGO Ice excavation



Pour water into your storage container, add lego bricks, leave in a freezer until frozen.

Use pipettes and syringes to pour water over your ice.

LEGO Ice excavation

Questions to ask

What do you think would happen if you used warmer water?

What would happen if you added salt?

Where could you leave the ice to melt on a sunny day?

How could you slow down the melting of the ice?



lego ice excavation

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