How to make a LEGO Maze

The third activity in our Summer of LEGO series with Twinkl is making a LEGO maze. We didn’t really plan ours, but you could use this printable from Twinkl to plan and then assess afterwards which features worked the best.

Things to think about

  • How wide does the path need to be?
  • Will you use any obstacles?
  • What about ramps?
  • Is there anything you could add to make the journey through the maze smoother?

What do you think of our first attempt? It features a dead end, a ramp and a space for the marble to end up.






Improvements and Amendments

The first time we tried the maze the end passage was too narrow for the marble and had to be widened.

We would like to add some obstacles too.

Extension Activities

  • Is it easier with a smaller or bigger marble?
  • Can you make a bigger maze?
  • Could you add some letters and try to spell a word with your marble?


Don’t forget to try the maze planner from Twinkl.

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Lego maze

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  1. Simon Hedin

    Love it! We used to make these high buildings where the ball would roll downwords, back and forth, with bridges and everything 🙂

    I am not sure what kinds of balls we used, as I would guess these are to heavy..?

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