Loom Band Ideas – Patterns and Measuring

My children have gone loom band crazy. Every morning starts with a conversation about how many bands they can take to school, and ends with them showing me their latest creations. Even my 3 year old can make them!

loom band ideas

Here at Science Sparks we like to add a bit of science fun to everything, so we brainstormed some fun learning we could do whilst making bands.

Loom Band Ideas

  • Colour recognition
  • Making patterns
  • How strong are the different types of bands
  • Which is the strongest type of bracelet
  • Are longer bracelets stronger
  • How long is your bracelet and what is the perfect number of bands for your wrist


We started off with some simple patterns, what do you think?

loom band ideas

Then we did some measuring. My 7 year old is trying to make the longest loom band in the world. According to our research the current record is 60,000 bands!!!

loom band ideas

What patterns can you make?


More loom band fun coming soon!

loom band ideas

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