Magnet Powered Egg Cars

These magnet powered cars are very easy to make and great for some competitive fun this Easter. My 10 year old and I had a brilliant time trying to build a car big enough to hold an egg safely, but small enough to move easily.

You’ll need

K’nex or LEGO for the frame

Plastic eggs



First you’ll need to build a frame for your egg. The lighter the car as a whole the easier it will be to move, so we made our frames as small as possible.

eggy magnet car

Once you’ve made your car, check it holds the egg securely, place a magnet inside the egg and you’re all set.

Use the magnet wand to propel the car forward. This takes a bit of practice as if you have the wand the wrong way it will attract the egg and pull it towards you, rather than push away.

TAKE CARE with magnets, adults should supervise at all times.

Easter magnet cars

Extension Task

Can you build a bigger car and use two eggs to make it move?

What happens if you add extra magnets to your egg?

Easter magnet cars

Not all metals are attracted to magnets, but iron and steel ( steel is mostly iron ) are.

How do magnets work?

Magnets attract some objects but not others. Did you know magnets can also be different strengths?

Magnets have two poles, we call one the north pole and one the south. Depending on which poles you place together they can either attract each other or repel. Opposite poles attract. This activity uses the fact that magnets repel to move the car. The magnet inside the egg tries to move away from the magnet wand, making the car move.

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Magnet powered egg car

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