Magnetic Olaf

Olaf is made using the same principe as our Mini Magnet Maze and Christmas Tree. We made his buttons magnetic but you could use his eyes, nose or eyebrows. You could even make a smaller version and make Olaf’s body parts moveable. Can you think of any other Frozen crafts you could make using this method?


What you need

  • Paper
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Paper Clips
  • Magnet
  • Felt tip pens


  • Cut out  an Olaf shape and buttons.
  • Put Olaf together.
  • Slide paper clips onto the buttons
  • Use the magnet behind Olaf to make the buttons move around

Frozen crafts

Remember – not all metals are attracted to magnets, but iron and steel ( steel is mostly iron ) are.

All about Magnetism

Magnets attract some objects but not others and can be different strengths.

Magnets have two poles, we call one the north pole and one the south. Depending on which poles you place together they can either attract each other or repel. Opposite poles attract.

We used the Learning Resources Jumbo Mighty Magnet for this activity.

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Magnetic Olaf

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