Make a Mini Water Cycle

The water cycle is an amazing process and we touched on it when discussing evaporation a couple of weeks ago.

Today we are going to have a go a creating our very own Mini water cycle.

It shows how evaporation occurs, where condensation occurs and precipitation (rain). It is so simple and very clever.

As a reminder of the water cycle I have included a diagram for you that you can print out, label and colour if you wish.

Water Cycle Sheet

The arrow from the se to the sun – evaporation

The arrow from the sun to the clouds – condensation

The arrow from the Clouds to the mountains – precipitation

Make a Mini Water Cycle, Science Sparks

Now to make your water cycle – you will need:

A plastic bowl (mixing bowl size)

Cling film

A mug



Make a Mini Water Cycle, Science-sparks

It is best to do this outside in a sunny place.

1. Place the mug in the bottom of the bowl

2. Add water around the mug so that it come up to 2/3rd of the mug – if you can draw on the bowl mark where the water level is.

Make a Mini Water Cycle, Science-sparks

3. Cover the bowl tightly in clingfilm and fasten in place with the string.

Make a Mini Water Cycle, Science-sparks

4. Watch what happens!


The science Bit

You should find that you can see condensation drops of water on the top of the cling film and that the water level have lowered proving that evaporation has taken place. The condensation droplets are the clouds. They will be dripping back into the bowl but you should find that some of the water is now in the cup (your mountains) demonstrating precipitation!



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  1. Beth

    LOVE Science experiments to get kids interested in Science! We have this on our list to try too. Thanks for sharing it at TGIF! Have a great week
    Beth =-)

  2. Marcia Reme

    this is an excellent hands on activity to explain the process of the water cycle. students get to see each process and lean from observations. It is very engaging.

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