Make an egg bounce

Eggs with no shells have to be one of the things my children find most intriguing. We made one for my 4 year old to show her nursery class last week.

What happens to an egg when you drop it? It smashes.

So how could we make an egg bounce?

Make an egg bounce

First place it in some vinegar for a couple of days to remove the shell. You should be left with this.

Make an egg bounce

Be very careful when you wash the egg, as one of mine did break.

To bounce it, drop carefully from quite a low height, the egg should bounce up from the surface. Can you measure at what height it breaks? Or try bouncing on different surfaces?

How about drawing a table to demonstrate your results?


egg science


If you don’t want to break the eggs, how about shrinking them?

Key stage 1

Investigative skills

Ask the child to predict if an egg can bounce using past experience of the properties of the shell.

Obtain and present evidence

Did you draw a table to demonstrate how high the egg bounced?

Consider and evaluate evidence evidence

Were the results as expected?

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  1. Harry

    I have not ever heard of someone able to make a egg bounce. How did you get the idea and how long did it take you to do this? I have never done any type of experiment like this before so I was really interested when I saw this post about the egg bouncing.

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