Make an egg float

How to make an egg float

Last weeks experiment showed how to make an egg shell disappear, this week we are showing you more science magic and showing you how to make an egg float.


What you need

  • A bowl or large glass

  • Tap water

  • Table salt

  • Egg



  • Fill the bowl or glass about 2/3 full with tap water.

  • Drop the egg carefully into the bowl and observe it sinking to the bottom.

  • Remove the egg and add salt, I added about 5 tablespoons then tried it again, adding more and more until it floated.



Here you can see the egg floating.

The Science Bit

Objects sink in water when they are more dense than the water, by adding salt we make the water more dense, once  the water is denser than the egg it floats.

You could also try other objects and see what else you can make float. You can see more sinking and floating fun here.



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