Make your own colour mixing wheel

I’m very excited to be joining the Virtual Book Club for kids this year which is organised by Rainy Day MumToddler Approved, The Educators’ Spin On It  

Creative ideas from the selected books will be shared on the 2nd Thursday of the month with a new author each month. You can see the full selection of books over on Rainy Day Mum.

This month the featured author is Erin Stoll Walsh, who I have to admit I hadn’t heard of before, but the three selected books are super cute and perfect for preschoolers.

Ellen Stoll Walsh Mouse PaintMouse CountMouse Shapes


Mouse Paint is a really sweet story, playful story about three mice, perfect for introducing colour theory to young readers. The three white mice discover three pots of paint on the white paper where they live. They dive into the paint to colour themselves, then splash in paint puddles and discover that primary colours, when combined, make different colours. The mice then wash themselves clean (in the cat’s water bowl) and paint the paper with all the colours they’ve made, apart from a section of white where they can hide from the cat.

Make your own colour mixing wheel

We made our own colour mixing wheel, to help reinforce the idea of colour mixing and also so the children can check which colours make other colours when painting.

what you need

2 pieces of cardboard cut into circles

1 split pin

Coloured pens

I simply cut out two circles of white cardboard, one  slightly bigger than the other and cut a window into the smaller one as you can see below. We used a split pin to make the wheel spin and added the colours. The window shows the colour made when you spin the wheel.



 What do you think?

Extension tasks

Try mixing paint to check your wheel is correct.

Can you add a third layer to show further colour mixes?

More Colour Theory Ideas

We had lots of fun with our colour mixing water wall.

Try some colour mixing with Jelly.

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From Mouse Paint

From Mouse Shapes

From Mouse Count

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