How to make a craft stick chain reaction

A craft stick or lolly stick chain reaction is a brilliant example of potential and kinetic energy. As you weave the lolly sticks together you can feel the potential energy building. The sticks are bent and pinned over each other creating tension. When you release the end stick the tension and potential energy are released making the sticks fly through the air.

I first saw a lolly stick chain reaction at a conference held by the Primary Science Teaching Trust and couldn’t wait to show my children, we’ve since made hundreds of different sizes and even added small pom pom balls to add to the excitement.

What you’ll need

Lots of craft sticks, we used the thicker ones.


Follow the video below to build your chain reaction.

How to make a craft stick chain reaction



Extension ideas

How long can you make your chain reaction?

What do you think will happen if you add pom poms?

Could you add something a little heavier then pom poms? Would they jump as high? – remember to stand back

That are more chain reaction ideas in this great post from Frugal Fun for Boys.

craft stick chain reaction


craft stick chain reaction

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