Making an Eerie Sounds Device!

This is a special device you can make that makes eerie sounds like a creaking door, or creaking steps!

Perfect if you’re having a Halloween party or sleepover and want to spook your friends. You could simulate a haunted house!

You will need:

A plastic cup

A paperclip

Some wool

Blue tack


Thick tissue or paper towel.

A nail or little screwdriver


1. Place the blue tack on top of the cup and stick to the table

2. Using the screwdriver put a hole through the centre of the cup from the inside – the blue tack just act as a cushion so you don’t put a hole in your dining table!

3. Cut about 40cm of wool

4. Tie a knot around the centre of the paper clip of the longest side.

5. Thread the other end through the top of the cup and pull so that the paper clip is at the top, with the wool hanging through.

Making an eerie sound device - science sparks

The eerie cup!

6. Cut a pice of paper towel to the size of a £5 note and wet in water

7. Fold this round the string at the top of the cup and pull down! (See the video clip) A pocket tissue also works well.

8. You can also make a silly chicken noise it you check out the video!

The Science bit

The cup acts like a sound board. If you rubbed the towel down the string without it, you would not hear any sound, but the cup amplifies the vibrations created by the movement and you get the sound!

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