Science based maths games for kids

I try to build in extra numeracy and literacy to our activities wherever possible, even it’s just something as simple as a bit of counting as we go along. Here are some of our favourite activities that you could  convert into easy maths games.

Easy Maths Games

Use hula hoops to demonstrate venn diagrams.

Venn Diagram Hula Hoops

Try some printing with LEGO, can you make patterns or count the number of prints?

How many coins can you find in the fizz? Or how many bugs hidden in oobleck?

Practice writing numbers or simple sums on ice.

ice painting

How about some counting and measuring with DUPLO bricks like the Imagination Tree.

Learn about bar charts with LEGO, can you sort sweets or something similar first?

How about practising writing numbers or some simple sums with our fizzy paint?

Try our rainbow fish sharing game.

How about some number bond practice with our Cat in the Hat sensory tray?



Make a teddy zip wire and practice timing how long it takes the teddies to reach the bottom, can you estimate how long it’ll take?

Can you make a magnet maze and add numbers so the child has to follow the numbers in the correct order to complete the maze?

Practice measuring with our easy Pokemom Catapults.

Pokemom catapult

Who can get a homemade shooter to travel the furthest? What can you use to measure the distance?

straw shooter game


Red Ted Art has some brilliant nature play ideas, we especially love the stone tower and treasure hunt games.

How many coins can you find in a magnet sensory bottle? Who can find the most?

Learn about time and practice counting with this heart rate activity.



This hungry monster math game is super cute from Inspiration Laboratories.

Can you make a metre ruler using DUPLO or find out how many DUPLO bricks tall you are?

How about a bug hunt and some measuring practice in the garden?

Can you work together to find the tallest tree?

We love this muffin counting game from Rainy Day Mum.

Set up a maths at home box so your little ones can explore whenever they want.


This snowman math game is super cute from Rainy Day Mum.

We’ve also got some fun ideas for learning about capacity and volume with lava lamps and density jars.

Do you have any other maths games ideas for us?

Maths games


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