Minion Lava Lamp and Rocket

What do you think of our Minion lava lamp and rocket? These were very easy to make and add a fun twist to the traditional lava lamp and film canister rocket. My artistic skills are not the best, so I’m sure you can do a much better job!

The lava lamp and film canister rocket are great for starting to think scientifically too, I’ve given some investigation ideas below.

Minion lava lamp

How to make a Minion lava lamp

A lava lamp is basically vegetable oil and coloured water in a container. You then add an alka seltzer ( or effervescent vitamin tablet ) which give the bubbles.

These are reusable and perfect for science demonstrations, workshops and parties.

Read our full instructions for making a lava lamp here.

Investigation ideas

Try changing the amount of water and oil or use a half tablet ( or two ) and observe how the bubbles change )

Try to find a small object to float on each layer.

Questions to ask

What do you notice about the oil and water?

Why do you think the oil and water don’t mix?

Where do you think the bubbles come from?

What do you think would happen if we used two tablets? Or, half a tablet?

What happens if you shake the Minion?

How to make a film canister rocket

For this, I just used a plastic film canister, you need the ones where the lid fits neatly on the inside not the outside.

Fill about 1 quarter full with water, add an effervescent vitamin tablet, replace the top and stand back.

Investigation ideas

Experiment using different amounts of water and effervescent vitamin tablets to see how changing one factor affects the time taken for the rocket to take off, it’s speed and height it reaches.

Minion lava lamp

Questions to ask

What do you think would happen if the lid wasn’t replaced properly?

What do you think would happen if you use more water?

What do you think would happen if you used two tablets?

How could you get your rocket to travel higher?

What do you think would happen if you made your rocket heavier?


ALWAYS stand well back from a film canister rocket, they fly up with a lot of force and speed.

Minion lava lamp and film canister rocket

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