More magnetism with a spooky ghost

Following on from our Mini Magnet Maze last week, today we made a spooky ghost.

What you need

  • Paper
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Paper Clips
  • Magnet

The first idea I had was to use the magnet to make a paper ghost move.

We cut out a ghost from a piece of paper and made a DUPLO stand for it. I added a couple of metal paperclips so that when the magnet came near the clips the paper moved.

Magnetism for kids

It didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped, so we tried another idea. This time I cut out a ghost and some small circles from thick cardboard. We drew spiders and webs on the small circles and added a paperclip.

Holding the magnet on one side of the ghost we could make the spiders/webs move on the other side. SPOOKY!!!


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Remember – not all metals are attracted to magnets, but iron and steel ( steel is mostly iron ) are.

All about Magnetism

Magnets attract some objects but not others and can be different strengths.

Magnets have two poles, we call one the north pole and one the south. Depending on which poles you place together they can either attract each other or repel. Opposite poles attract.

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