Ninjago Spinners

My children love Ninjago, so we thought we’d celebrate the upcoming movie with a week of Ninjago themed science activities. These easy spinners seemed like a good starting point as they are super easy to make and provide lots of different investigative opportunities.


Different types of paper – Ninjago coloured paper or card works well.

Paper clips



Watch the video for instructions of how to make the paper spinners.

Hold the top of the spinner between your fingers ( paperclip end down ) and let it fall to the ground, does it spin?

Ninjago Spinners

What else can I investigate?

Think about factors that might affect how fast the Ninjago Spinner falls:

  • Type of paper
  • Number of paper clips
  • Size of spinner
  • Height the spinner is dropped from.


Ninjago characters spin very quickly, what’s the fastest spinner you can make?

Hint – small light spinners spin the fastest


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