Numeracy at Home Box

I’ve been trying to organise our toys and games by theme, to make it easier for me to plan activities with the kids. One of the first things I’m hoping to set up are little boxes of inspiration. A maths box, storytelling box, literacy box and of course a science box.

Z loves numbers, but the girls aren’t quite as  enthusiastic so I’m hoping this box of little bits and pieces will help inspire them.

Math Games

Our box includes:

  • DUPLO bricks for colour matching and counting
  • Cotton reels on a thread for helping with addition and subtraction
  • Octons for shape and colour games
  • Playmobil animals for counting and comparing sizes
  • Little cakes for counting, these also have numbers underneath
  • Dice
  • Scissors and paper for pictures and writing down ideas
  • A tape measure and ruler
  • Blocks for learning about 3D shapes
  • Magnetic numbers
  • A number line
  • 100 square – my 5 year old picked this up and taught herself to count in 10s, which was completely unexpected. Definitely a great one to download.

Math games

Other ideas

  • A sorting tray
  • Beads of different sizes and colours
  • Dominoes
  • A Calculator and abacus

Can you think of anything we’ve missed?

Other Numeracy Activity Ideas 

LEGO Bar Charts

Make a giant abacus from The Imagination Tree or try one of her AMAZING Discovery boxes.

Do some simple counting and sums with cars.

Make a number tunnel or even a treasure hunt.

Or for older children how about these cute little Waldorf Math Gnomes from Red Ted Art.

Rainy Day Mum also has some great Math games ideas.

What Math games do you play?

Numeracy at home box


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  1. maggy, red ted art

    Ooh I love HOW SIMPLE the items in your maths box are.. Really must do this with my son, who is in real “I love Maths” mode at the moment and all fired up. (thanks of the Waldorf Math Gnomes mention too!!)

  2. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum

    I absolutely love this idea and I’ve started to collect resources to make our own based around J’s stage of learning and his next steps.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and I wanted to pop over as well and let you know that we have chosen this post to be our first featured post across all of the hosts on Tuesday Tots as a new feature as we love it so much. Over the week we will be sharing this on our facebook pages pinning and it is of course featured on this weeks posts for Tuesday Tots on all three sites.

    Thank you again for the inspiration and now off to hunt out for some more stuff.

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