Pokemon Catapult

This fun Pokemon catapult is a great way for children to learn about the effect of angle and force on how a projectile flies through the air. They are super easy and quick to make with lots of opportunities for further investigation.

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How to make a Pokemon catapult


Wide lollysticks

Elastic bands

Table tennis balls

Other items to test

Double sided tape

Milk bottle top

Sharpies to decorate


Follow the video below to construct your catapult

Investigation Ideas – remember to only change one variable at a time

What happens if you add more lollypop sticks to the central core of the catapult?

What happens if your catapult end is shorter?

Would a smaller or lighter ball travel further?

Can you make a different style of catapult? We have some more catapult ideas in this post.

Can you make a giant catapult?

Why does this happen?

When you push down on the milk bottle top, the lolly stick catapult arm bends, giving it energy, when the arm is released the energy is released and transferred to the ping pong ball which flies through the air.

The further down the lolly stick is pushed the more force is used, which gives the lolly stick more energy to transfer to the ping pong ball, meaning it travels further.

Links to Maths

Create a target with different numbers on different areas, use the catapult to aim the ping pong ball at the target. Add your scores together each time.

Can you add areas on the target where if you hit that area your score is doubled or halved?

Can you measure how far the ping pong ball has travelled, what will you use?

Pokemon Catapults

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  1. Krystal Stanich

    Hi! I’d love to do this project with my teens this summer at my library. May I use this image to promote the program on the library’s social media pages and post flyers around the library?


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