Respiration in Action – Pizza dough

Respiration is a biological process that is fundamental to any living things. It is the process by which energy is made, so that all the chemical reactions can occur in your body.

Respiration is the reaction between glucose (your food) and oxygen in the air you breathe, to produce carbon dioxide and water (waste products) and the all important ENERGY!

We can see this process occurring when we make bread or pizza dough

What you need:

500g Strong White Flour (I used Canadian)

7g Yeast (Fast)

1tbsp caster sugar

330ml Luke warm water

1 tsp salt

1tbsp olive oil



  • Mix yeast, sugar and water in a jug and put aside
  • Sieve flour into a mixing bowl and add salt.
  • Gradually add the water until a nice elastic dough is formed.
  • Knead the dough well, strong flour will take a lot of effort to get nice and elastic. Work it hard.


Science for kids


Leave it somewhere warm, we left ours in the airing cupboard for about an hour. Look how much it increases in size.




Once risen, knead the air out of it again and split up to make your pizza’s.

The finished product.

Valentine Pizza

The science bit!

The yeast is a living thing and needs to respire to make energy! If feeds off the flour and used oxygen to respire and produce carbon dioxide as a waste product. It is this gas that causes the pizza dough to rise! Respiration in action!

Learn about respiration

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