Rolling Ball Box

My one year old loves bouncing balls. He will quite happily bounce a ball around the house for hours. He also loves putting things in boxes, so when I found two large cardboard tubes I knew exactly what to do with them for him.

Rolling ball box


What you’ll need

A large cardboard box

Large cardboard tubes

Balls which fit through the tubes


Pens to decorate



I cut four holes in the sides of our box big enough to fit the cardboard tubes through and carefully fed the tubes through the holes. It’s a bit messy looking but he doesn’t mind 🙂

I then gave Charlie different size and shaped balls so he could investigate which balls fit through the tubes and which didn’t.

Extension Ideas

After playing with the tubes for a while I made some holes in the side of the box so he could feed the balls through the holes as well as down the tubes.

We’ve had a lot of fun with our rolling ball box already. I love how something so simple and inexpensive has kept us entertained for so long.

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Ball rolling Box

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