Rugby Science Ideas

Rugby World Cup fever seems to have taken over our house in the last few weeks so we’ve developed some fun rugby themed science activity ideas to keep everyone busy in between matches.

First up is this LEGO rugby pitch. It’s built as much to scale as we could manage.

LEGO Rugby Pitch

We also engineered a kicking mechanism. My 8 year old built it using LEGO. You can see it in action in the video below.

We had to do a bit of experimenting to find the best material for the rugby ball. Blu tack was too heavy and a cotton wool ball was too light, so in the end we settled for a little craft ball, moulded into a rugby ball shape.



Can you make something similar?

Could you make a mechanism strong enough to kick a heavier ball over the goals?

Other rugby themed ideas

  • Make your own rugby goals

Can you use lolly sticks, straws, blu tack, plasticine and elastic bands to make rugby goals? How would you test them to find which materials make the strongest goals?

  • Learn about keeping bones healthy

This selection of activities is great for learning about the structure and function of bones, discover how to keep bones healthy and what happens if you break a bone  here.

  • Make Symmetrical Flags

Can you find and draw any flags that are symmetrical from countries in the World Cup? Use a mirror to help.




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