Santa STEM Challenges

These Santa STEM Challenges might be our favourite challenges so far. Poor Santa seems to be in a bit of pickle, can you help him out?

Challenge 1 

Oh no, Santa has lost his sense of direction. Can you help him find the North Star?

Before the days of radio and satellite navigation systems people used the stars to navigate. The North Star is a useful marker as it remains in one spot in the Northern Hemisphere. Can you find out how Santa could identify the North Star, maybe you could learn about constellations too?

Glow in the dark constellations

Challenge 2 

Santa has lost his compass, can you help him make a new one?

Did you know that the Earth acts like a giant bar magnet creating a magnetic field? Magnetised metals naturally align themselves with this magnetic field. You can ultilise this effect to make your very own compass. Kids Activities Blog has full instructions for making a compass and all you need is a cork, needle and magnet.

Challenge 3 

Oh no! Santa dropped a bag of toys and they have all broken. He left the glue at home and only has his flask of hot milk, how could he make glue and what else would he need?

Did you know you can make glue from milk? You’ll need an adult to help, but it works surprisingly well.

Challenge 4 

The chimney is too small for Santa to fit through, can you design a catapult or slide so he can safely drop the toys down?

Lollystick catapults are brilliant for firing objects through the air and very easy to make using craft sticks and elastic bands.

If you think Santa might need more power than that, you could try a giant catapult!

Catapult for Santa

Challenge 5

One of Santa’s cheeky elves keeps hiding, can you design and build him a shelf to sit on?

  • How would you build a shelf?
  • What materials could you use?
  • How would you attach it to the wall?
  • Is the elf heavy?
  • How much weight can your shelf hold?

Challenge 6 

Santa is visiting a house with no Christmas tree, he sees a stack of paper cups by the fireplace, can you help him build a tree to put the presents under?

  • How tall can you make the tree?
  • Is it easier to build a tall tree if the base is wide?

Christmas Tree STEM

Challenge 7

Oh no! The reindeers have run out of magic flying dust and need to cross a lake, can you build them a raft?

  • What materials could you use? Try cork, lollysticks, sponges etc.
  • How could you make the raft waterproof?
  • Is your raft strong enough to hold a small present without sinking?

Raft for Santa

Can you think of anymore STEM challenges for Santa?

You can download four of the STEM challenges above as FREE printables, more to come soon!


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