Sea Pollution

Did you know that the sea around the UK is home to more than 8000 different of species of plants and animals, but this wonderful marine environment is being ruined by pollution, including rubbish left on beaches, sewage and chemical and oil spills.

Pollution is anything which is introduced into an environment that causes harm. For example abandoned nets that animals can get caught in, oil leakages cause huge amount of ecological damage and waste products from plastic production build up in food chains leading to as yet unknown consequences in humans.

In order to demonstrate pollution on a very basic level, I set up a pretend ocean.


A clear bowl or vase

Plastic fish

Black food colouring


Shells or sand



Set up your mini ocean with lovely clean water.

Water pollution EYFS

Add some rubbish and black food colouring ( to represent oil/sewage )

How different does your mini ocean look after the pollution has been added?


Whilst doing this activity we talked about how litter and pollution might impact fish and other marine life and where we had seen litter recently.

What can we do about pollution?

Buying local products reduces the need for items to be shipped around the world.

Buy cleaning products that use natural/biodegradable ingredients

Recycle as much as you can and never drop litter. Things like plastic bottle tops or balloons can be fatal to animals who may mistake them for food.

Can you think of anything else?

Story book ideas

We’ve been reading The Lorax to sit alongside this activity.

Other Ideas

Can you try filtering dirty water to clean it up?

Suitable for Early Years Foundation

Understanding of the World


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