Simple Science – learning about forces

Today we’ve been trying to learn about forces.

Pushes and pulls are examples of forces.

When we push or pull something it moves.

Can you push a toy car softly? What happens? Does it move further if you push harder?

Can you think of things you push and things you pull? Are there things you can push and pull?

We drew a simple table with our ideas and then put them into a Venn diagram. The area in the middle where the circles overlap are things we push and pull.

Can you think of any more?

learn about forces


At this point I wondered what else we could possibly do, so I asked on twitter and got some brilliant ideas from @Stockportslic including:

  • Playing subbuteo
  • Making a paper boat and then blowing it across water, you could even use a fan on different settings and observe the differences.
  • Push ups and pull ups.



Then I thought hockey would be a good game to play as you can push and pull the ball.

Can you think of any more ideas for  learning about forces?

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