Skittles Experiment

The skittles experiment is easy, low resource and provides lots of investigative opportunities. Try using different temperatures of water, white vinegar or even lemonade to discover what happens.

Colourful Skittles Experiment

What you need:

A plate or container – preferably white

Skittles, other coated sweets work too!



Place your skittles or sweets into a white container, try to alternate the colours.

Carefully pour water into the container, if the skittles move, just push them back into place quickly.

Watch what happens..


skittles experiment

Why does this happen?

Skittles are coated in food colouring and sugar. When you pour water over the skittles the coloured coating dissolves spreading through the water.

The colour and sugar dissolve into the water and then diffuse through the water.

Extension ideas

Can you time how long the colours take to reach the centre of the plate using cold and warm water? Which do you think will be faster?

Try using other sweets, can you find any that work as well as skittles?

Questions to ask and think about

Why do you think the colours don’t mix?

Can you spot the ‘S’ from the skittles? What happens to it?

How could you speed up the reaction?

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Colourful skittle experiment

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