20 Sporty Science Ideas

Olympic fever is about to start so I’ve put together a collection of fun sport themed science ideas. Do let me know if you think of any more.

Sporty Science Ideas


First up is an easy activity to learn about the effect of exercise on heart rate. If using a stethoscope is too difficult children can put their hand on their heart and feel the beats.

This investigation is great for starting to think about correct experimental design, which conditions to change and which to keep constant etc.


Discover how your lungs work with this model of a lung.

Find out what’s inside your blood with this fun demonstration from Creekside Learning.

Find out how to keep your bones strong and healthy with this activity.

How much sugar?

Discover how much sugar drinks contain with this fun matching task.

How much sugar in drinks


Why do balls bounce?

Investigate why and how balls bounce with this super simple investigation.

bouncing balls

Which material would make the best hockey puck?

This easy activity is great for starting to think about properties of materials and why materials are chosen for a particular purpose. See this version by Creative Family Fun.

Test your Reaction Time

Test your reaction time with this super simple activity, all you need is a ruler!

Test Reaction Time

Put your design skills to the test with this brilliant shoebox football table from The Mad House.


More investigation ideas

Could you use surface tension to power a model canoe like we did with lollysticks?

Can you build and test a football goal?

Can you design a sail boat with a working sail?

Can people with longer legs jump further or run faster?

Can you build a javelin from rolled up paper? Does it travel further if you add wings?

Can you construct a bow and arrow using lolly sticks and elastic bands?

Can you build a catapult to shoot a basketball into a hoop?

Can you jump further if you run and jump instead of just jumping?

Is it easier to bounce a ball on a baseball bat or a tennis racquet?

Can you design a grip for a tug of war rope?


Sporty Science Ideas

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