Summer Science Challenges

Our Summer holidays started last Wednesday so I thought it would be fun to set a challenge each day for the whole 6 weeks. If you’d like to join us, I’d love you to share anything you try on social media using #SummerScienceChallenge

Challenge 1 – make a tower with Sugar Cubes

  • How tall can you build a tower before it falls down?
  • What happens if you spray the cubes with water?
  • Can you add anything to waterproof them?



Challenge 2 – Make a lava lamp

All you need for this fun activity is oil, water and an alka seltzer or effervescent vitamin tablet.



Challenge 3 – Make a treasure map

Use coffee or tea to colour your paper and draw a treasure map, can your friends follow the trail?

girl and treasure map

Challenge 4 – use lemon or lime juice to make invisible ink

Just mix a lemon or lime juice with a bit of water and draw your message on some paper.

Ask an adult to put in the oven and your message will appear.

write secret messages


Challenge 5 – What can you build with a cardboard box?

Can you build something functional with a cardboard box?

We added a kitchen roll holder and space for a sink to our cardboard kitchen.

cardboard box kitchen

Challenge 6 – Make a solar oven

Can you make S’mores in a solar oven?

Video instructions here 

Full blog post instructions

solar oven

Challenge 7 – Simple sinking and floating

Can you design a sinking and floating experiment? Make predictions first, then investigate to see if you’re correct. Do any of your items surprise you?

Science challenge

Challenge 8 – Make some spinning felt tip pens

Use cardboard discs to make spinning pens. You could try with paper and thinner/thicker card to see which work the best.

Spinning pens

Challenge 9 – Set up a coke and mento reaction

Do low sugar drinks work better than full sugar varieties?

Coke and mento reaction

Challenge 10 – Go on a bug hunt

What bugs can you find around your garden?

bug hunt


Challenge 11 – Investigate which substances react with baking soda

baking soda reaction



Challenge 12 – Set up an easy egg drop experiment.

Which material will protect the egg the best?


Science challenge - egg drop


Challenge 13 – can you blow up a balloon with alka seltzer?

You could also try an effervescent vitamin tablet or even popping candy. Which works the best?

science challenge - blow up a balloon

Challenge 14 – Can you build a structure with marshmallows and straws?


Challenge 15 – can you make a LEGO marble maze?

LEgo maze


Challenge 16 – can you make a volcano model? We made this one using papier mache.

Make a volcano


Challenge 17 – set up some simple baking soda reactions, you could even have a monster tea party.

Baking soda reactions

Challenge 18 – can you make music with water and some glass bottles?


music with bottles

Challenge 19 – can you make a square bubble?
Square bubble


Challenge 20

Can you make a house from sweets? You could use different types of “glue” and see which works the best. How would you test your house?

Candy house


Challenge 21 – try some ice painting, simply freeze a sheet or ice shape and paint over the top. Once finished you can wipe away your creation and start over.


Ice painting

Challenge 22 – can you find the colours of the rainbow in a bubble?

colours in bubbles


Challenge 23 – can you make a rainbow using a prism?

make a rainbow with a prism


Challenge 24 – can you make ice cream with ice and salt?

make ice cream with salt


Challenge 25 – Can you dissect a flower and separate the parts? Do you know the function of each?


Dissect a flower


Challenge 26 – Make a fairy potion, collect flowers and herbs to make a lovely smelling potion. Does the water change colour? Which smells are the strongest?

make a fairy potion


Challenge 27 – Can you make some jumping frogs and learn about static electricity?



Challenge 28 – Make a volcano with sand. We covered this one with cling film to keep the sand clean.

Sand Volcano


Challenge 29 – can you make a fizzy baking soda explosion?



Challenge 30 – Can you make a raft with sticks?



Challenge 31 – can you make a cork boat and test to see if it floats?

cork boats

Challenge 32 – can you see a rainbow in a spray of water?


Challenge 33 – use a salad spinner to make a spin art picture.


Challenge 34 – make some colourful slime using cornflour, water and food colouring.


Challenge 35 – make a football in a box game, by blowing down a straw to move marbles covered in paint.


Challenge 36 – can you make a playdough brain?


Challenge 37can you make an egg float?


Challenge 40 – do you know why pizza dough rises?





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Summer Science Challenges


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