The Lorax Sensory Tray

Sensory trays are perfect for bringing a book to life as well as being great fine motor skill practice and for general imaginative play. Our Lorax sensory tray has two stages, the first shows a happy world with brightly coloured truffula trees and the second a much gloomier tray after the Once-ler has had his way.


Dyed rice – to colour rice simply place white rice in a sandwich bag, add some food colouring and shake until each grain is covered. Once dry the rice can be played with.

Pipe cleaners and pom poms




Small fish counters



I glued pom poms to the top of pipe cleaners to make the truffula trees and used blue rice as the sea for the fish counters.

Toy truck

Toilet rolls

Construct your tray with the materials above. Can you think of anything else to add?

Lorax Sensory Tray

Once we’d finished playing with the first tray we added black rice, a factory and a toy truck to model the later stages of the story. The second tray is much less cheery looking. The rice has turned black, the trees and fish are gone and a factory has popped up.

Lorax sensory tray

Can you think of anything else we could’ve added?

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Lorax Sensory Tray

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