Things to do with leftover Candy Canes

We seem to have an excess of candy canes leftover this year, so I’ve put together some fun ways to use them up.

Try dissolving them using water and vinegar.

Candy Cane Science

You could even try using lots of different water temperatures and compare the results like Inspiration Laboratories.

Or, how about carefully melting your candy canes and making fun shapes like Preschool Powel Pockets.

Try hanging different Christmas decorations from your candy canes to see how much weight they can hold before breaking, you could even try to strengthen them with tape to see if that makes a difference.


You could use candy canes to practice writing in a salt tray like Creekside Learning.

Experiments with disappearing candy cane stripes like Playdough to Plato.

candy cane stripes

Here at Science Sparks we explored how brittle candy canes are by snapping one candy cane observing how brittle and easy to break it was and then softening another cane in the oven to compare the difference. The softened candy cane was very stretchy, but then became brittle again once hardened.

Look much we could stretch and twist it.

Candy Cane Science

Preschool Inspirations has made some yummy looking candy cane ice cream and a fun literacy game.

Red Ted Art has some fun candy cane roses perfect for Valentines day.

Mum in the Madhouse has a great recipes for Candy Cane Bark and Mummy Mishaps made an AMAZING Dalek with candy cane arms.


If you don’t have any candy canes left, how about making some Candy Cane oobleck? Or you could make your own candy canes. This is definitely on my list for next year.

Candy Cane

How do you use your leftover candy canes?

things to do with leftover candy canes

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