Valentine Science Experiments

Valentine’s day is almost upon us, so today I have a selection of Valentine Science experiments for you.


Valentine science experiments

Valentine Science Experiments

Make a Stethoscope and listen to a friends heart beating.



Find out what happens to your pulse rate after exercise and how fast it returns to normal.

Explore respiration by making a pizza.


Valentine Pizza


How about learning about melting, by making these melt and pour soaps from Red Ted Art.


heart soaps


Red Ted Art also has a fantastic post about making  candle wicks.



How about making some pretty flowers?

Transpiration flowers


The Imagination Tree has some lovely Spin Art Cards. I’ll come back and explain the science behind these very soon.

spin art heart card


and finally as always we have a themed lava lamp.

lava lamp


If you have any other ideas for me, please add to the comments below and if you try any of these out, please let me know how you got on.

We’ve got even more ideas in this updated Valentine Science post.

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  1. anna taylor

    i feel like i’m missing somehting, but where are the actual directions to do these things? they seem really cool, but i don’t see how to do them.

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