How to make a Rain Gauge

This is the first of a series of weather related posts. We are going to start by finding out how to make a rain gauge. I did this a few weeks ago with my three children and they love going outside every day to see how much it has rained. It has definitely helped my 2 year old learn to recognise numbers as well.

What you need:

An empty jar or plastic bottle ( remove labels )

Permanent marker





There are two ways to make the rain gauge, either by using an empty jar or a plastic bottle.


Place the ruler on the side of the jar and mark in cm up the side.

Plastic Bottle

Cut the top off the bottle, and place upside down inside the main body. Get an adult to help as the edges might be sharp.

Place a ruler on the side of the bottle and mark in cm up the side.

Bury the bottle outside, it should be in an open area and away from any trees which might trap some of the rain. Leave the top sticking out. We didn’t bury ours very well, you might want to put yours further into the ground.


The Science Bit

The important part of recording the weather is that is needs to be done frequently. You should record the amount of rain in the bottle/jar each day and empty out the rain each time.

Can you design a table to record the results?

Rain Gauge

Free Rain Gauge Instructions Printable


How to make a Rain Gauge

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  1. Liberty

    Neat! We did a bottle outdoors to see how much rain… it filled all the way up. Too much rain 🙂 I like this one better, I think we’ll add this in soon. Thanks for sharing.

    Visiting from Science Sunday!

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