Weather Science Activities

Today’s round up is full of great weather science activity ideas. Observing the weather is a great way to practice recording and displaying data as well as learning about weather and how it changes day to day.

Weather Science Ideas

How about making a simple rain gauge? Don’t forget to record the results and empty it every day.

Weather Science - Rain Gauge

If you want to get crafty how about making a pinwheel like this one from Red Ted Art? Does it spin faster on more windy days? Could you make a kite as well?

Learn about flooding in this great guest post from Domestic Goddesque.

Inspiration Laboratories makes a great hurricane.

Make a Hurricane

Learn about the water cycle with this fun mini water cycle.

Find out how water evaporates in this easy activity.


Playdough to Plato has a lovely rainbow density bottle.

Or, how about making a pinecone weather station.


Make an easy barometer with The Consortium.

how to make a barometer

We loves these sun prints from Creative Family Fun too.

These weather sensory bottles would be great for younger children from Twodaloo.

Find out how hard it’s raining with Rainy Day Mum.

Learn about clouds with this easy rain cloud in a jar.

Rain cloud in a Jar

Can you think of any more weather themed activities?

Weather Science

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