Weighing and measuring

Z has been learning about units of weight and measurements in school and has has been keen to put what he has learned into practice at home with the girls with this fun weighing and measuring activity.

I gave them the kitchen scales and various things to weigh, Z designed his own table to record the weights.


Science for kids

Things to do:

  • Ask the children to find things of a certain weight, for example we spent a long time looking for something which weighed 1 kg.




  • Try to estimate how many grams something is before weighing it and see how close you were. Can you record your predictions and actual measurements in a table?
  • Try to find things that weigh about the same.
  • Can you measure each other’s heights? Is this hard to do? What would make it easier?
  • Can you make your own metre ruler?
  • How about using DUPLO bricks or your hands to see how tall you are?


DUPLO ruler





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