Preschool Science Experiment – Wet and Dry

Today we are looking at the difference between things being wet and dry. This investigation is so simple I did it with my 18 month old,  who loved dipping her fingers in the different pots and saying ‘wet’, so it is a great preschool science activity but can also be extended for older children.

What you need

  • Some small pots 
  • A waterproof bag ( not transparent )
  • Different materials – for example rice, pasta, stone , sponges, cereal, flannels, dried fruit
  • Water


Let the children touch the wet and dry materials and ask how they feel different. You could also ask them to shut their eyes and try to match the wet and dry versions of the same item.


preschool science experiment

  • Another approach is to put the items in a bag and let the children feel the different them. Ask  whether they think what they are feeling is wet or dry and how they feel different.


Extension Activity

Observe how some foods change when placed in water. We looked at shreddies, raisins and bread, and talked about how they grew bigger as they absorbed water.



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  1. rossmannell

    What a wonderful early science experience for young children. Even at 18 months, children can enjoy the experiences of simple science concepts and report their findings. I like the idea of bringing in a change in some samples by adding water. Great idea.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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