What’s the best material for a Superhero cape?

Every Superhero needs a cape, but which material flies best in the wind?

Planning the experiment


Materials to make the cape with – paper/foil/cotton/fleece

Size of superhero cape.

How to test?

Run wearing each superhero cape and record how high it flies

Which factors do we need to keep constant?

Size of cape

Speed of running – distance ran

Person testing

Possible causes of errors

Changes in wind

Properties of a good cape

Light, strong, flies well in the wind when running.

Can you think of anything we’ve missed?

We made 4 superhero capes the same size using different materials and then a couple of bigger and smaller ones to see if that made a difference. Observations were recorded after watching the cape fly when running.

Some were a little more heavily decorated than others, the extra weight of this one made it not fly very well.



This smaller cape didn’t fly so well.

Superhero cape

The super light foil cape, flew better than anything else.

Superhero cape

Superhero cape

Superhero cape


We concluded that the best capes for flying were light and long, the foil cape flew the best, but this cape was also weak and broke easily.

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