Which is the heaviest??

Today’s investigation is very simple and perfect for pre schoolers. We are looking at comparing the weight of different items.

I asked my children to look around the house for small things of different weights.

They came back with a lego man, some sugar and some coins.



We found some eggs from a game and put different items in each. I sealed up the eggs and asked the children to feel how heavy they were.



We then tried to put them in a line with the lightest first, and talked about what might be in each egg.

To check we had them in the correct order we weighed the eggs.



You don’t have to use eggs, you can use any container and fill them with whatever you want. For me the best thing about this activity was watching all three of my children working together.

Although some little people just liked to shake them.



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  1. amymaze

    Love this! I’m going to write this down to add to our science activities for my 3 yr old…thanks for sharing! And thanks for the link-up =)

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