Win a Fossil Hunter Lottie and Superhero Outfit

My two little girls adore their Lottie dolls, so I’m VERY excited to have two Fossil Hunter Lotties, plus a Superhero outfit set to giveaway this month!

Fossil Hunter Lottie

Lottie is a very cute, dinky doll with a child like figure. She can stand up, has bendable arms and legs making her easy to dress and lovely soft, easily brushable hair.  I love the ethos behind Lottie, she’s not about jewellery and high heels, but wears clothes like real children and is a positive role model. The website also has some fantastic resources including promoting great women and some brilliant science activity ideas too.

I just popped upstairs to find our Lottie dolls to photograph for you and this is what I found.

Fossil Hunter Lottie and School Days Lottie look to be reading something together, I like that they have a coat and cape next to them.

Lottie Doll

Superhero Lottie seems to be sat in a butterfly garden, looking very stylish with her scarf and pony tail! Our Lottie dolls are very well cared for and have become a big part in imaginative games. We’d definitely recommend them.


If you’d like to win one of two Fossil Hunter Lottie Dolls with a Superhero outfit set please complete the rafflecopter form below.

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Thanks to Lottie for donating such a great prize!

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  1. Arabella Bazley

    I love Fossil Hunter Lottie, she looks like she is going to have great fun and is an intelligent young girl 🙂

  2. Stacey Corrin

    I think Lottie Dolls are amazingly awesome. If only I had something like this to play with when I was little 😀 My favourite is Robot Girl Lottie. There are so few females in science in general, that she’d be my first choice for my own little girl. That and I’m a nerd myself 😛

  3. Alexia E

    The Stargazer Lottie is really inventive and a great role model for girls! I applaud them – what a fabulous ‘modern’ toy for girls!!

  4. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Pony Club Lottie. My great-niece is horse-mad and she’s only 3. Very luckily the yard I am about to start going to takes them from 3 so she might be able to start going. 🙂

  5. Monica Gilbert

    School Days Lottie reminds me of my time working in Japan. The uniform is so similar! But, to be honest, I really like all of the Lottie dolls.

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